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The Forest Trail is a long distance hiking route, part of E11, in the Baltic States that leads through the most forested lands, regional, nature and national parks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The route starts from the Polish - Lithuanian border near the town of Lazdijai, leads through Latvia, turning into Riga, and finishes in Tallinn, Estonia.

Forest trail mapName in Lithuania: Miško takas
Name in Latvia: Mežtaka
Name in Estonia: Metsa matkarada

Length: 2141 km, duration: 102-114 days

The route is divided into ~ 20 km long one-day or two-day sections with accommodation and transport options.

Road surface: asphalt road, gravel road, dirt road, trail, sidewalks, wooden path, sandy, pebble and rocky beaches. More detailed description see here.

Highest points and valleys: Nemunas Valley and Samogitian (Žemaitija) Highlands in Lithuania, Rietumkursa upland, ancient valley of Abava and Gauja Rivers, Veclaicene upland in the northern Latvia, Suur Munamägi - the highest peak of the Baltic States (318 m above sea level), Piusa ancient valley and northern coast in Estonia.



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